Summer Camp 2015

    The F.C. Santos Soccer Academy Camp is designed to prepare players who wish to play at higher levels of the game or who are interested in improving their game.
    At the youngest ages, we focus on developing the foundation skills of soccer: dribbling, ball control, kicking, shooting and passing. With older players, we advance to receiving balls, 1v1 attack, tackling and heading.
    Each skill is taught using a variety of methods, increasing the level of challenge as the player refines the skill. Eventually, the player is asked to perform the skill under match conditions. Older players are also taught soccer tactics and the basics of team play, including combination plays, ball possession, defending as a group, speed of play, and others.

    Technical training focuses on improving individual ball skills through emphasis on proper footwork, creativity with the ball, advanced passing and shooting and 1v1 exercises.
    Tactical performance is improved through small-sided games and activities, which focus on the principles of attack and defense, positional play and combination plays.

    Technical training sessions focus on improving ball skills with the emphasis on:
    Combination plays
    Development of positional play
    Importance of each individual role
    Psychology of performance

    Tactical performance is improved by small sided games and activities, which focus on:
    Creativity in attacking play
    Importance of transitional play
    Defending successfully
    Value of team play
    Enjoyment of playing the game

    Goalkeeping training is included in the Camp.

    Camp is June 29 – July 3  and July  6 – July 10

    Who Should Attend:
    Players ages 7 – 14

    Andy Brown Field (Allen Pond Park)
    3330 Northview Drive
    Bowie, MD 20716

    Schedule of Daily Events
    8:00 – 9:00 Camper Arrival
    9:00 – 10:00 Dynamic Warm Up/Technical
    10:15 – 12:15 Technical and individual work
    12:30 – 1:30 Lunch (Camp Provide Lunch)
    1:30 – 2:45 Small Sided Games
    3:00 – 4:00 Classroom sessions
    4:00 – 5:00 Large or half field Games
    5:00 – 5:30 Camp Close

    Tuition: $250.00/week
    (15% Discount if paid by June 10)
    (10% Sibling Discounts)
    ($25.00 Discount for 2014 Camper)

    Camper should wear proper soccer attire, including cleats, turf shoes, or sneakers and shin guards. Players should bring a water bottle, and an afternoon snack.
    Each camper will receive a Camp T-Shirt. Camper will also receive lunch each day.



    Contact Coach Carlton Hewitt here for questions or concerns.

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