Futebol Club (FC) Santos, USA Soccer Club is committed to Good Times, Good Friends and the Beautiful Game.


    Futebol Club Santos strives to provide an environment that is enjoyed by the entire family. We promote good sportsmanship at all games. Good sportsmanship should be honored and displayed by our coaches, players and parents. We believe that this fundamental characteristic will provide the best environment for good times at Futebol Club Santos games and events.


    Our teams generally have players coming from all over the area, not just a single neighborhood. Therefore it is important to the team that parents and players get to know one another both on and off the field. Chances are you will be spending a fair amount of time with one another throughout the players’ tenure at Santos. We encourage players and parents to organize and attend social activities with their teammates. This extra effort will help our teams to maintain a close relationship among the players and parents.


    The following quote, A Beautiful Game, “Wherever you are on earth, it’s only a matter of time before you come across children playing soccer. Another five minutes and you will probably find yourself having a ball rolled to your feet as an invitation to join in the game. Soccer is a common language and a culture shared: a joy, a passion, an escape, and an affirmation of identity understood and celebrated by children—and their parents—in every country around the globe. “ In addition, to Good Times and Good Friends, we focus on the Beautiful Game. The Beautiful Game can mean very different things to different people. At Futebol Club Santos our focus is not on wins and losses. Our attention is focused on player technical development. As a club, our primary concern is with the technical development of individual player’s soccer skills.

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